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At Palmer Biological, we specialize in helping clients through the process of permitting and performing field work while making decisions that will speed up the project and save money. We work closely with regulatory agencies involved, as well as other contractors on the job-site, in order to see the project through to a successful completion. The following are some of the projects in which Palmer Biological Services, LLC have been involved: 

  • McDonald Class 2 Overlay invasive/exotic removal project - A waterfront property owner in New Smyrna Beach, Florida is required to remove Brazilian Pepper trees from the shoreline of his property. Palmer Biological  permitted and performed the required work for the project. Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius) typically outcompetes native species such as black, red and white mangroves. Removal of the exotic species allows native plants to return and provides enhanced wildlife habitat.

  • Calden Airport - A 180 acre parcel of upland pasture and depressional wetlands is to become a private airport and fly-in community. Palmer Biological worked with the property owner, engineer, and land surveyors to delineate the wetlands and locate endangered species on the parcel. Working with the St. Johns River Water Management District staff, we were able to design the runway around all environmental concerns eliminating the need for time consuming and costly permitting. 

  • Tomoka Water Treatment Plant - A 30 acre wooded parcel that contained a large Bay/Cypress swamp area required field location of numerous Gopher Tortoise burrows as well as a wetland delineation. Working with the project engineer, we were able to plan the location of roads and infrastructure so that the site would remain mostly wooded, and tortoises would be able to remain on the property. 

  • Fleet Tortoise Relocation - a dense population of Gopher Tortoises live on a parcel of land slated for development in New Smyrna Beach...the property owners initially wanted all of the burrows trapped and the animals relocated. Consultation with the owners resulted in the clearing of a smaller area of the property, requiring the trapping and relocation of only five of the tortoises. Palmer Biological's staff involvement in this project resulted in the protection of an established tortoise population consisting of many adult male, female, and juvenile animals. Tortoise relocation guidelines are accessible on the FWC website

  • Gonzalez Property Scrub Jay Survey - a lakefront parcel in Deltona was to be cleared for a private residence. Volusia County Environmental Management (VCEM) required a 5 day Scrub Jay survey to be performed prior to any development of the property. These surveys involve the placement of call stations, and the playing of actual Scrub Jay calls. If the birds respond, there may be an active group of Jays defending the area. In this case, none of the birds were observed on or near the property. Click the link for Scrub Jay Survey requirements. 

  • Grand Haven and Plantation Bay Retention Ponds - These two large Palm Coast developments were experiencing similar problems; uncontrolled growth of blue-green algae in their retention ponds. Palmer Biological performed water sampling, including algae ID. The results and a series of recommendations were presented at a conference of managers and concerned homeowners at Grand Haven. Management staff then developed a series of guidelines and a pond management program to reduce nutrient runoff and properly treat the ponds to control the nuisance algae. 

  • Lake Beresford Water Association - A devastating tornado ripped through this community, destroying the water plant office. Many records were lost, and existing permits were allowed to lapse. Palmer Biological was hired to work with the St. Johns River Water Management District and LBWA management to bring the system back into compliance.